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Valorant is coming to PlayStation and Xbox

Valorant is coming to PlayStation and Xbox

Riot Games announces the arrival of Valorant on consoles, opening the door of its famous FPS to an even wider audience.

The publisher Riot Games recently revealed that Valorant, its renowned first-person shooter (FPS) multiplayer game, will make its debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. This port marks a significant milestone for the title, which was initially released exclusively on PC in 2020.

Valorant, often compared to Counter-Strike for its intense and strategic gameplay, will undergo significant adaptations to fit the consoles’ controllers. The main challenge lies in converting its fast-paced and demanding gameplay, traditionally optimized for mouse and keyboard, into an enjoyable experience on consoles.

Riot Games has approached this complex task with care, aiming to deliver an authentic gaming experience to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series users. To achieve this, they decided not to include aim assist, commonly found in other console FPS games like Call of Duty. Instead, a specific game mode called “Focus” has been developed to enhance hip-fire accuracy, a mechanic typically used on PC.

The console port of Valorant will not allow cross-play between PC and console players, thus avoiding any competitive imbalance. This decision reflects Riot Games’ commitment to maintaining a balanced gaming environment for all players, whether they use a mouse or a controller.

Eager players won’t have to wait long to test Valorant on consoles. Riot Games has announced an imminent beta session, allowing players to experience this new version and provide their initial feedback.

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